Vodafone hacked over 1 months of messages

It has been revealed that Vodafone accessed over one month’s of SMS messages of a journalist. The breach of privacy was due to Vodafone trying to discover who was responsible for leaks to the media. The leak to the media revolved around security flaws in Vodafone’s security system that could cause privacy issues for it’s customers.

The messages were believed to have been downloaded onto a hard drive and shared between Vodafone employees. The data contained contents of messages sent and received over a month long period and was supplied to KPMG who were hired by Vodafone to investigate.

The privacy breach is considered extremely serious and something that warrants further discipline by Vodafone. Vodafone initially denied allegations of improper behaviour but has since decided to report the issue to the police for investigation. Vodafone alleges that the breaches revolve around the actions of a single employee.


Styletread grows bigger

Styletread is an online only shoe store that has achieve phenomenal growth. The growth has seen it become Australia’s number one online shoe store.

Styletread had it’s initial growth boosted when Nine Entertainment took a share of the company and injected funding. With their investment came some invaluable exposure from the company in television and magazines.

The company then secured more funding in 2012 from an investment fund called Starfish Ventures. This funding allowed the company to expand their footwear range.

Styletread have a strong understanding of the online market and has employed an excellent strategy to win them exposure and customers. Styletread often attract customers with blanket advertising or a Styletread promo code.

The company was founded by Mark Rowland and Bjorn Behrend and they have grown the business to what it is today. Their success has attracted the attention of some big industry players and has seen the company sold to the Munro Family. The Munro family have been in the footwear industry for over 50 years and are predominantly in the wholesale and retail areas.